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Pet projects

This is a page where I would like to maintain a list of Codecademy projects I do, just to be able to remember and show my javascript, html and css skills. Also, I will include other projects, such as screencasts or little web applications (specially grails apps).

At the beginning, projects won’t be very complex, but I hope they’ll be getting more and more complex over time. Feel free to post any comment or send a link to your own Codecademy projects. They have an APIs track where you can practice codig for well know API’s (youtube, soundtrack, twilio).

Einar counts

Created in April, 2014

To celebrate my son’s birthday, I’ve created and gifted him with an android application. It’s not a big or an impressive application, but it’s a handmade gift and that adds a lot of value to it.

Einar counts is an application where Einar will teach you kids to count in English from 1 to 10. I’m sure your kids will love the app and Einar’s funny voice. It’s free and it works on Android 2.3.3 and up. Give it a try!

Youtube library

Created in October, 2013

This is my first application with AngularJS and it is the result of a technical test to be hired for a company.

I like it a lot, it is very visual (you can drag & drop a video to add to your library) and it has allowed me to learn a bit about a AngularJS, a JavaScript MVC framework to develop RIA’s. What a wonderful challenge!!


Created in summer, 2013

This is a project created while I was learning with Let’s code JavaScript, a course provided by James Shore where he teaches how to develop a collaborative painting application using Test Driven Development in JavaScript.

We used NodeJS as platform to develop both server and client side code, and several of its modules such as: jake, karma, mocha, phantomjs and others.

Build a storefront

Created in May, 2013

In this project I build a digital storefront, a place where I show a screenshot and a brief description of other pet-projects.

Each project apears with a smooth animation just as a lot of other web applications that shows you some advertisements.


Plan the trip of your dreams

Created in March, 2013

In this project I show the use of two jQuery UI widgets: datepicker and autocomplete. Both are really easy to use, and even it is not too complicated to customize, see how to customize datepicker. And with a little CSS you can get amazing backgrounds.


Screencast: Nicomachus cube numbers

Created in February, 2013

Screencast showing how I solve the “Nicomachus cube numbers” problem described in solveet.com (Spanish). I recorded a screencast because I found it really interesting how loops can be simplified in ruby with the method ‘inject’, and I wanted to actually see how a loop becomes a one-liner, and it is very beautiful, isn’t it?

A simple drawing tool

Created in February, 2013

In this project, I created a small area where you can draw simple shapes, like squares, circles and triangles. You also can choose between four colors to fill these shapes.

It is a very simple drawing tool, but you will feel the power of the HTML canvas element with a bit of javascript.

Palindrome phrase validation

Created in January, 2013

In this project, I created a simple web form to validate if a word or phrase entered can be considered as a palindrome. It is really simple, but I didn’t want to write an email validation form, that can be done by html5.

Icon editor

Created in 2012

This is my very first public project at Codecademy. It allows you to draw a 16x16 px icon using a few colors.

It is not a professional tool, so please, don’t be too much rude with me, it’s only a small pet project, I’m learning.

Screencast: kata tennis

Created in August, 2012

A screencast showing how I performed the kata Kata tennis